Long Road to 2030

It seems that humanity is reaching an impasse, technology has brought us together in ways unimaginable even fifty years ago but we have yet to catch up.

Politics has lost its way.

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The Manifesto

We the people reject the status quo.

We want to be able to enjoy our lives with an appropriate balance between family, friends, meaningful projects and necessary work. We wish to be able to enjoy the fruits of our own labour without inteference from any other party. That includes owning our own property.

We wish to be able to travel freely and be accepted as brothers and sisters within the global community, we do not want to homogenize the world, we want to sample other cultures, histories, traditions and ways of life. We may even want to adopt them for ourselves.

We do not wish to force our beliefs or ways of living on other people and we reserve the right to defend ourselves from such force (whether physical, verbal or psychological).

We accept that the organization of grand scale projects can be most efficiently undertaken by having central organizations but we reject overarching governmental or corporate control of our world. This should include but not be limited to energy production, transportation, communications infrastructure, health care, space.

We reject the need for standing armies, secret police and secret intelligence. In a free and friendly world environment there should be no need for active defence forces. Local police and courts can handle local disturbances, regional forces comprising cooperating local forces and national forces of cooperating regions. We are not opposed to open police and intelligence services as long as the goals of those services are in accordance with this manifesto with powers being used to support freedom and not tyranny.

We accept that in order to flourish as individuals we must work hard on ourselves and take responsibility for our actions.

We reject the concept that full scale immigration is the solution to inequality, rather we champion providing assistance to help develop regions and countries to make living standards tolerable and for them to flourish. This does not include blanket foreign aid. The only way this can work is through the people. All governments are corrupt to one degree or another, there is no other reason why resource rich regions should be the victims of conflict, pollution and exodus. Only the people of those regions can be tasked with making their lives as they want them to be - we must provide that assistance in accordance with the goals of this manifesto.

We accept that the struggle will be long and hard. At times dangerous even as entrenched interests may be threatened. We believe that humankind is capable of developing the structures required to support this manifesto and all of our many quiet voices will eventually overcome even the most stubborn of obstacles.